A One Direction Hanukkah (feat. A.K.A. Pella, The Y-Studs & Six13)

AKA Pella Vocals Recorded @ Uptop Studios (Monsey, NY)

Engineered By: Hillel Kapnick


Music produced by Erez Cohen
Mixed by Jake Antelis www.jantelis.com
Video Produced, Edited, Directed by Erez Cohen
Filmed and Co-Directed by Greg Starr
Set Director: Arianna Schudrich
PA: Suzie Scher

“A One Direction Hanukkah”
Written by Ronn Blitzer, Barry Bornstein, Erez Cohen, Chaya Glaser and Jordan Reimer

“Perfect” Performed by A.K.A. Pella
Vocals Recorded, Mixed and Produced by Adam Shapiro. (Shapiroentertainment.com)
Lead Vocals by Adam Shapiro and Yonah Laster.
Additional Vocals Recorded @ Uptop Studios (Monsey, NY)
Engineered By: Hillel Kapnick

“Cuz It’s Chanukah” (Live While We’re Young) Performed by The Y Studs
Recorded and Produced by Erez Cohen
Vocals by The Y Studs
Lead vocals by Josh Eisenberg, Nathaniel Ribner, and Jason Katz

“Story Of My Lights” (Story Of My Life) & “Best Week Ever” (Best Song Ever) Performed by Six13
Vocal arrangement by Mike Boxer
Recorded by Mordy Weinstein, Jacob Spadaro and Mike Boxer
Edited by Jeff Eames
Vocals by Mike Boxer, Eric Dinowitz, Rob Operman, Jacob Spadaro and Mordy Weinstein
Lead vocals by Mike Boxer and Mordy Weinstein

“Miracles All Around” (Drag Me Down) & “What Makes It (You) Beautiful” Performed by Erez Cohen
Recorded and Produced by Erez Cohen

A huge thank you to Greg Starr for filming this!
And big round of applause for all of our actors and Go Go Dancers:
JJ Weiss, Chaya Glaser, Jessica Schechter, Henriette Kadoch, Jeremy Linder, Barry Bornstein, Jordan Reimer, Arianna Schudrich, Sandy Losso, Yudi Hercenberg, Ronn Blitzer, Ruby Klotsman…and an incredible THANK YOU to Eric Gleit who saved the day by opening up his beautiful home to us and allowing us to film our final scene!


Perfect – A.K.A. Pella
If you like lighting candles Singing Maoz Tzur
If you like eating latkes, playing dreidel too
If you like just getting presents that could fill up your room
This holiday’s perfect
This holiday’s perfect for you
So let’s start right now!

Live While We’re Young – Y-Studs
It’s Kislev and December, yeah it’s December
Here comes the festival of lights
And it’s time to remember, yeah to remember
We’re lighting candles every night
Yeah, eight night party for the Jews
Flipping latkes me and you,
So tonight
Let’s play dreidel dreidel dreidel till we see the sun
Just land on Hey or Gimmel and we’re having fun
I never never never want a Shin or Nun
Tonight let’s win some!
Cuz it’s Chanukah

Story of My Life – Six13
The Greeks were gone, gone that night
The Maccabees returned from the fight
But there was only one jug to find
To last more than a week
The story of my lights that fill my home
Erase the dark and keep me warm inside
They’re glowing (the story of, the story of)
The story of my lights, it fills my soul
From up above, it gives me hope and pride
The story of my lights (the story of, the story of)

Drag Me Down – Erez
All 8 nights
When we’re lighting
Around the world, menorahs are shining
Burning bright
They remind me
Of your love and miracles all around

Best Song Ever – Six13
So we wait all year for the best week ever
Friends and family here, celebrate together
And I don’t wanna go, let’s make it last forever

What Makes You Beautiful (ENDING) – Erez
Baby let’s light up the world like nobody else
Cuz that’s what makes it beautiful