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Eliyahu Hanavi (Acapella) – Hillel Kapnick

Eliyahu Hanavi – Hillel Kapnick Produced By: HillelKAPS Productions ( Recorded @ Uptop Studios (Monsey, NY) Additional Lyrics: Hillel Kapnick Composed By: Yuval Sela Originally Performed By: Sruly Lipshitz & Dudi Feldman Additional Lyrics By: Hillel Kapnick Cover Photo: Hudi Greenberger

Besoros Tovos – Baruch Naftel

Just in Time for Purim, the “GOOD NEWS” is finally here! Following the release of his debut single “Bezras Hashem”, Baruch Naftel is now releasing a follow-up single “Besoros Tovos”.  Using lyrics from the Chasam Sofer on Parshas Mishpatim, world renowned composer Elimelech Blumstein composed this track with inspiration from Yochanan Gordon. The lyrics to this track which are from …

The Light of Eight Nights – Hillel Kapnick & Hudi Kowalsky

The track produced by HillelKAPS Productions tells a beautiful story of triumph over darkness through the characters of a boy and his grandfather. This song is available for Download on iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play ,,, & Credits: By The Light of Eight Nights Produced By: HillelKAPS Productions ( Vocals Hudi Kowalsky & Hillel Kapnick Lyrics by … Volume 1

Arranged By: Hillel Kapnick Recorded @ Uptop Studios (Monsey, NY ) Engineered & Mixed By Hillel Kapnick Backing Vocals By Hillel Kapnick

The Shabbos Experience

This album features all your favorite Shabbos songs and the vocals of Mendy J, Yossi Goldstein, Hillel Kapnick, Baruch Naftel, and Aaron Simcha Futerman


MiddosMan Audio Books 1,2, & 3

HillelKAPS Productions has produced all 3 audiobooks for the “MiddosMan” series. Featuring Narration and vocals by Hillel Kapnick and a talented cast, these stories are extremely popular among Jewish children and have led to sales of objects other than the book including puzzles, stickers, and good behavior charts for children. MiddosMan Book 4 is currently being produced.


Am Echad – Michoel Pruzansky

Am Echad (Track 1) on the Pruz Control album features choirs arranged and recorded by Hillel Kapnick @ Uptop Studios (Monsey, NY) Prepare for the ride of your life. Michoel Pruzanksy‘s fourth solo album “PRUZ CONTROL” is finally here! The time has come for Pruz to show the world how much he has grown vocally and as an artist. World renown …

Yisgaber K’Ari – Hillel Kapnick & Ezra Kapnick

Written after the tragic passing away of Ari Levin, this song is a reminder that if we all strengthen ourselves like Ari would strengthen himself throughout the day, and how he worked so hard to strengthen others, we can make the world a better place. This song will be available soon for download. Credits: Composed By: Hillel Kapnick Recorded @ …

Shoshannas Yaakov – Hillel Kapnick & Baruch Naftel

Every Yom Tov has it’s signature song. Pesach has Dayeinu Chanuka has Maoz Tzur and Purim has Shoshannas Yaakov! Just in time for Purim we are treated to a new single by Hillel Kapnick and fresh recording artist Baruch Naftel. While working on this track, Hillel decided that the production would benefit greatly from a collaboration with a second vocalist. …