Yisgaber K’ari – In Memory of Ari Levin

Written after the Tragic passing away of Ari Levin, this song is a reminder that if we all strengthen ourselves like Ari would strengthen himself throughout the day, and how he worked so hard to strengthen others, we can make the world a better place.To contribute to the Ari Levin Memorial fund checks can be mailed to Zichron Shimshon Foundation1410 …

Hillel Kapnick Releases “Hamakom” in memory of Ace Bein

This track is being released in memory of Ace Bein. Ace was someone who embodied kindness and was always there to lend a hand whenever anyone was in need. This song is a tribute to him. Produced By:HillelKAPS Productions (www.HillelKaps.com) Vocals:Hillel Kapnick Guest Vocals:Ezra Kapnick Recorded At:Uptop Studios (Monsey, NY)EmEs Studios (Philadelphia, PA)